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Section of pie chart representing point of view/bias  

Point of view / bias

  • Does the author have a noticeable bias? These are sometimes easy to detect, for example, someone’s affiliation with a political party, or other organisation. Students should not discount using biased opinions in their research, but acknowledge different perspectives in their assignment writing.
  • What political, cultural or social agendas are present in the information? Sometimes this can be hidden. As a student becomes more familiar with a topic it becomes easier to recognise bias.
  • Be aware of your own personal biases that may prevent you from accepting the arguments of others with an open mind.
  • Difficulties may arise in the detection of bias when dealing with sources that reflect the conventions of the culture or time in which the work was produced.
  • When using information found on the Internet it is important to consider who is providing the information and their motivations for doing so. Is the web page a personal one? This is sometimes identified by the inclusion of the "tilde" (~) symbol in the web address.
Evaluating Information  
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