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Adding page numbers

When you include a direct quotation you need to include the page numbers for the reference.

To add page numbers:

  • Click within the in-text citation in the Word document, then select Edit & Manage Citations. The Edit & Manage Citations Window will appear

  • Type the page numbers in the Suffix field (located in the bottom frame in this window), ensuring that a space is included before the pages (to separate the page numbers from the citation), then click OK.
NOTE: If you are using the APA 6th style, simply type the page number in the Pages field (located in the bottom frame in this window).

The profession of paleontology looks at history, at the narrative of the rocks and the bones. It cannot turn into a laboratory science. “People who don’t understand paleontology try to make it physics. Paleontology is history” (Barlow 2001, p.234).


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