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Import and create references from PDF files

It is possible to convert individual PDFs, or folders of PDF files into EndNote references. This feature will only work if a PDF includes a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

To import a PDF file, or folder of PDFs:

  • Click File, then Import.
  • Select File ... if you have a single PDF to import, or Folder... if multiple PDFs are stored within the one folder and require importing. The Import Folder Window will appear.
  • Click Choose, select the file or folder to import, then OK.
  • The Import Option drop down list should be set to PDF
  • Select Discard Duplicates from the Duplicates drop down list, then Import.

EndNote records will be created for each PDF and the PDF file attached. If PDF files do not include a DOI, a blank reference will be created with the PDF attached - you will need to manually edit the record with the reference details.

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