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Creating custom groups of references

Custom groups are manually created to help organise your library. It is possible to create up to 500 custom group sets in your EndNote library. A new library begins with a single custom group set called My Groups.

To create a new group:

  • Right click on My Groups in the Group panel, then select Create Group. Type the name of the group, then <Enter>.

  • Add references to custom groups by highlighting the reference/s in the Library Window then dragging the reference to the custom group. Customised groups are listed alphabetically (click the Groups header to toggle between ascending and descending order).

Group Sets can contain any combination of groups and smart groups. To create a a Group Set:

  1. Right click on My Groups in the Groups Pane, then select Create Group Set. Type the name of the group set, then <Enter>.

  2. You can now add individual groups to the group set, either by creating a new group (following the directions above), or moving an existing group to the new group set (click on the group name then drag and drop to the group set).

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