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Changing your Library Window display

It is possible to display any EndNote field as a column, to change the order of the columns, or change the names of the column headings. A maximum of 10 columns can be displayed in the Library Window in EndNote X6.  

To change the column headings:

  • Select Edit > Preferences, then Display Fields from the left side of the Preferences Window. Select the fields to display from the 10 drop-down lists, then OK.
  • If you want to change the name of a column from the default EndNote field name, type the required text in the Heading text box.
  • If you prefer the Library Window to display less than 10 columns, select [Do not display] instead of a field name.


You might need to resize the column headings once you have made changes.  To do this, position your cursor along the vertical edge of a column heading then drag left or right to the required size.

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